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See our camera stick - selfie stick and other camera accessories. These products work with your cell phone and camera.

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  • Sale! 600_PCCKIt

    Personal Camera Crew Kit & Training

    Interview and create “man on the street” videos within seconds. Plug in your microphone to your cell phone. Attach your cell phone to your camera stick and you are ready to shoot videos with your cell phone with great audio. You can get on the scene quickly and maneuver easily because the equipment is small and portable. Everything you need is in the bag. Our videos will help you be efficient and create good videos.

    • – Camera Stick
    • – Cell Phone Holder
    • – Mini-Tripod
    • – Microphone
    • – Microphone Flag
    • – Microphone Stand Holder Clip
    • – Shoulder Bag for the equipment
    • – Training Videos Online
    $ 477.00 $ 377.00 Add to cart
  • Sale! Camera Stick 2pack

    Camera Stick – 2 Pack

    Take  selfies and groupies. You get to be in the picture. The camera stick will help you out on many occasions. It can reach and see many places you can’t.

    – 2 Camera Sticks

    $ 50.00 $ 40.00 Add to cart
  • Sale! Camera Stick & Tripod

    Camera Stick with Cell Phone Holder & Tripod

    Capture your experiences with your camera and cell phone. You can get two angles at the same time or a double selfie. Put your cell phone on the camera stick and your camera on the mini tripod.

    • – Camera Stick
    • – Cell Phone Holder
    • – Mini Tripod
    $ 60.00 $ 45.00 Add to cart

Ideas for your camera stick

Get inspired - so many ways to use your camera stick. Here are ideas for you. Share with us how you use your camera stick.

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